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Khenchen Thupten Karma Dayang

Khenchen Ngawang Rigdrol

Khenchen Thupden Tsuendue Gyalpo

Khenpo Ugyen Penjor

Khentrul Garab Dorjee

Khenpo Ngawang Rabga

Khenpo Ugyen Tashi


Khentrul Sangay Tenzin

Khenpo Ngawang Theckchok

Khenpo Karma

Khenpo Tashi Tenzin

Khenpo Ngawang Rigdrol

Khenpo Urgen Wangchuk

Khenpo Mingmar Dorje



Khenpo Ngawang Namkha

Khenpo Marwai Singye

Khentrul Pema Tenzin

Khenpo Kunga Pelden

Khenpo Yeshi Samdrup

Khenpo Tashi Choephel

Khenpo Ngawang Namgyal


Khenpo Kuenzang Dorjee

Khenpo Gelek Phelgye

Khenpo Dawa Tsering

Khenpo Ugyen Gyeltsen

Khenpo Ugyen Dorjee

Khenpo Sithar Dorjee


Khenpo Karma Jigme

Khenpo Pema Wangchuk

Khenpo Dechen Zangpo

Khentrul Tsering Dorjee

Khenpo Jigme Topden

Khenpo Thupten Tsering

  Khenpo Ugyen Kalzang Khenpo Rigzin Chojor Khenpo Namgyal Dorjee Khenpo Sangal Palzang Khenpo Ngawang Lhundup Khenpo Tsering Dorjee

Khenpo Gurmey

Khenpo Wangyal Dorjee

Khenpo Ngawang Chophel Khenpo Sonam Rinchen

Khenpo Gaden Sherpa



Khenpo means, the spiritual master of Buddhist school and also the head of monastic Institute, Khenpo must have the perfect discipline, perfect Buddhist education and very good experience on practice. Specially, those who became Khenpo from this Nyingma Institute, they have to learn all the Buddhist philosophy of Hinayana, Mahanayana and Vajranayana Buddhist School, the ritual prayers, mandala arts, literature, Buddhist history and meditation. Their each and every test should be the best from all. After graduated from Nyingma Institute, they must have the very good experience of teaching and Vinaya discipline. Specially, they have to devote their life for the benefit of all the living beings . So, those who became khenpo from this Institute are the most qualified master of Buddhist school in the world.

After receiving the Honor of the" Khenpo".

They need to teach at Nyingma Institute for few years as a service. Then they need to work for the Institute for another few years as a administration training.  Only the best Khenpo will receive the "Honor of the Khenchen". This is the perfect Honor for the Buddhist studies and practice.


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