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H.E. Rigzin Dorjee Rinpoche
H.H. Rigzin Dorjee Rinpoche

H.H. Rigzin Dorjee Rinpoche is the founder and head of the Nyingma Institute, Gangtok, Sikkim, India and the Nyingma Retreat Center, Martam, Sikkim, India as well as the head of many other centres around the world.

H.H Rinpoche was one of the principal students of the late H.H the Dudjom Rinpoche, the late Kyabje Khentse Rinpoche, Kyabje Pema Norbu Rinpoche, the late Nyingma Khenpo Dhaser, the late Khenpo Wanglo, the late Kaguth Khenpo Khasdrup, the late Sakya Khenpo Rinchen,Gelug Khenpo Tsultrim, Khenpo Jampa Donyoe and especially Kyabje Jadrel Rinpoche.Rinpoche is now the main lineage holder of Dzogchen Longchen Nyingtik and,Dzongchen Rinzin Sogdrup

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Nyingma Institute,
H.H. Rigzin Dorje Rinpoche founded Nyingma Institute-Thekgue Lekeshei Ling (Higher Buddhist Studies and Research Centre) on June 4th 1988 to assure the preservation and promulgation of Buddhist doctrine in general and the Nyingma tradition in particular.
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Nyingma Institute, Martam Phudong Retreat Center Martam Retreat, Martam
Opening Ceremony Nyingma Instiute, Martam by Honourable Governor Of Sikkim
Nyingma means the old and ancient one. The Buddhism that was spread in Tibet during the 7th, 8th and 9th centuries is called Nyingma. During those centuries, the Tibetan Kings Songtsen, Gompo,
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Khentrul Sangay Tenzing   Dungsey Ongdak Dorjee   Khentrul Tsering Dorji
Tulku is a term for lamas and nuns who had developed a very high meditation practice in their past lives, and who have chosen to reincarnate in this world for the benefit of others. Because there are many different levels of meditation practice, .
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Dungsey Ongdak Dorjee,


Lopen Nechen Dorjee ,


Lopen Mingmar Lepcha,


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